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ERASMUS+ Projects at ÜTOPYA Schools
2015-2017 Erasmus+ Project ‘HAPPINESS in LIFELONG LEARNING’ has been concluded successfuly. We thank our partners Denmark, UK, Germany, Greece, Portugal, and Slovenia for their hospitality and support. We are proud to say that we have become lifelong friends! For a journey around the world, please watch the video below.

You can reach Children’s Parliament Website through following link
Children’s Parliament

Description of the Project Happiness in Lifelong Learning
- The project will promote happiness, motivation, creativity, the feeling of acceptance and success as well as develop understanding and cooperation among students in different European countries.
- Students’ active participation will promote and create the basis of «happy learning ».
- Children’s Parliament will give inspiration and share knowledge and experience about how to create motivating teaching and learning. ».

Children’s Parliament
- The parliament was comprised of at least 2 students from each partner school.
- Students discussed their ideas and presented their views as a group.
- Students planned activities to improve a happy learning environment during the project period.
- At the end of each meeting, decisions were made on the next steps to be taken and on how to involve their schools in the project.

- It was such an experience for our students to be away from their families and also interact and get to know different cultures through their peers. They also became more independent and self-sufficient since they experienced life skills away from home, i.e. make their own beds, take showers alone, pack their suitcases, budget their money efficiently etc.

- Each mobility was a unique experience. We made new friends and got to know each country’s culture and customs and experienced their education system by visiting their schools and participating in their classes.

- Also, at each mobility, cultural and historical sights were visited. We were always invited and hosted by the local officials, such as local Ministry of Education, Mayor etc.

- There were two Children’s Parliament and at least two coordinator meetings as well as teacher meetings.

- During coordinator meetings, the projects were presented. Depending on the outcomes from the Children’s Parliament, next projects and steps were discussed.

- Teachers were able to meet with other teachers and observe their classes. They were also given the opportunity to collaborate and discuss differences in their teaching and schools.

Ravnsholtkolen - November 22-27, 2015

United Kingdom
Ryburn Valley High School - January 24-29, 2016

16th Intercultural Primary School of Chania Crete - May 8-13, 2016

Agrupamento de Escolas de Lousada - September 25-30, 2016

IBIS-Grundschule “Maria Montessori” - March 26-31, 2017

Osnovna sola Drska - May 14-19, 2017

Project Logo & Mascots
Erasmus+ Projects
- Logo
- Recipe for Happiness
- A Happy Story
- Creative Food
- Friendships
- Mascots
- Sports & Dancing
- Happy Song
- Celebrating Birthdays
- Happy School Day
- Success in Learning
- What makes students, parents, teachers and management happy at school?
- Happy Learner
- Physical Surroundings for Happiness and Optimal Learning
- Anti-bullying
- Happy New Year Wishes

Erasmus+ Projects at Utopya Schools
Mascots & Diaries at Utopya
- Each school made a mascot representing their culture and country. Each mascot had a diary traveling all the participating countries. Through drawings, pictures and writings, each school caught a glimpse of the life, culture and customs of each country.

Celebrating World Peace Day
Friendship Classes
Celebrating Diversity
- At Utopya, we are each unique and beautiful, but together we are a masterpiece.

Happiness Recipe
- Children in all countries created their own recipes for happiness.
- At Utopya, our students baked a happiness bread. Our students decided that friendship, family, relaxation, smiling, love and peace were necessary ingredients.
- Students voted which value should correlate to which ingredient, baked the bread and discussed percentages and decimals in math class.
Flour = Smiling
Water = Relaxation
Yeast = Peace
Salt = Family
Sugar = Love
Sunflower Seeds = Friendship

United Nations Day at Utopya
- Students prepared and presented information on United Nations and its various bodies and programmes and funds.

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
- Aim was to celebrate the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, especially focusing on children’s right to get an education.
- Our students learned about their rights through games, skits and talks.

Birthday Cake
- Each country prepared a piece of the 3D birthday cake showcasing how they celebrate birthdays in their own countries.
- The pieces were then joined together at each school.

Happy & Healthy Eating
- Each school created two food pyramids: One focusing on how healthy eating should be and the other showing how food can bring happiness and promote health.
- Utopya students created happy and healthy recipes.
- We examined 2 mainstream food pyramid models on healthy eating. We looked at a Turkish model as well, reflecting Turkish eating preferences.

Physical Environment
- Transforming an outside area at our school for optimal learning and happiness.

Happy Story of My Life
- Each school submitted 2 student and 2 teacher articles for the Erasmus Newspaper.
- Students wrote about the Happy Story of their lives.
- At Utopya, 3rd-8th graders participated in the project. 2 articles were chosen at the end.

Erasmus Corner at Utopya
- Students
- were given the opportunity to share work across Europe.
- improved their communicative competences of the English language and their knowledge of other cultures and traditions within the European Community.
- had the opportunity to strengthen their self confidence by participating in the mobilities and develop new friendships across borders.

- Teachers
- had the possibility to share best practices with teachers from other European countries and develop their pedagogical approaches and methodology.
- were inspired to teach innovatively and creatively.

We are in the dissemination stage of our project and expect to have great impact on the local and international community by sharing our experiences and our curriculum ideas, inspiration and methodologies.
- Locally, we shared our work and reflection through our school newsletter with our community.
- Nationally, we shared our Erasmus+ project experiences on the Business Turk Channel.

Next Steps & Goals:
- We’d like to share what we’ve learned with our neighboring schools in Istanbul.
- We’d like to assemble a Children’s Parliament here in Istanbul and continue working on similar projects.

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