The Benefits of EU Comenius And Sister & Brother School Projects

Comenius projects, in conjunction with EU funding, and sister schools projects sponsored by Ütopya parents, aim to bring up Ütopya students as wide visioned World individuals, and when they grow up, being able to overcome all difficulties which the 21st century brings, beginning their life as being self trusting people.
Also with these projects Ütopya students;
-Gain wide, rich life and learning experiences,
-Support their academic learning (history, geography, life knowledge, science, maths, social studies, general knowledge),
-Using their languages in the native countries,
-Making friends all around the World (real friendships, not virtual),
-Taking responsibility, being independent, realising they can do everything by themselves.
These projects’ benefits, as outlined below, are not only for Ütopya’s education system, but also for each of Ütopya students’ development individually:
In terms of their personal development
Giving them many life skills such as creating and reinforcing their self trust, taking responsibility, being able to do their own jobs, being independent, self hygiene, time management, overcoming their emotions, working as a group, giving presentations in front of audiences, analysing and solving a problems.
In terms of their social development
As an Ütopya family creating and developing friendships and team spirit, making friends with people from different countries and languages and continuing their friendship. Being able to communicate in their own language and in different languages with their peers and adults comfortably.
In terms of their academic development
As well as reinforcing their city’s and country’s history and habitation characteristics, learning the visited countries’ cultures, histories, geographies, characteristics. Gaining the ability of using maths, science, social studies and language and all the other knowledge in real life.
In terms of their intellectual development
Using foreign languages thought processes, having a wide vision, associating with art, literature, music, sports in their country and cities and seeing the different life style in the visited countries and being able to compare and deduct.
The main gain from joining the EU Comenius Projects as a Private Ütopya Primary School, not only as Ütopya students but also as Ütopya teachers (in addition to general Comenius aims), is teachers sharing their knowledge, abilities and methods with the teachers from the other countries and researching the other countries education, and learning with new methods, materials and technologies, team work, personal and professional development and getting to know the students better, and having a strong relationship with them by living together.