Sister & Brother School Projects

Ütopya has a joint venture with EU Comenius Project united with the same aims for the children, whose responsibilities include becoming a World Citizen, using their languages, increase their learning and life skills. The difference with Comenius Projects is not just joining with five or six schools at the same time, but a nursery school, different schools and institutions in the country visited. Joining fees for students are provided by the parents and for the teachers is paid by Ütopya management. The main reason for the need of sister schools is because it is not otherwise possible to join the Comenius project, which is held for two years without a break. For the years which could not be joined, Ütopya generated sisters schools projects and took the responsibility of organising it as part of Ütopya Management, in order to reach the targeted aims, and maintaining continuation. Sister schools projects carry on not only abroad but also in Turkey as different projects.

Sister school projects between September 2010 to June 2012:
With Malta /Nadur School:
Nadur Primary School has been visited including our grade one students and will be done every year. 12 students and 4 teachers join this visit.
May 2010 / May 2011 / May 2012
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Was visited in April 2011.
10 students and 4 teachers joined this visit.
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Water Society visit from Japan to Ütopya
Ütopya hosted 15 Japanese guests from different schools during the course of two weeks. 8 Japanese students stayed with 8 Ütopya students and their families and 5 teachers stayed with our Ütopya teachers and joined their daily life by holding a Water symposium, learning Japanese and Turkish cultures, gaining very different learning and life experiences.
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In Turkey:
Van Şefkat Nursery School: All parents and students helped our sisters school affected from the Van earthquake.
Sultanbeyli Kurtdoğmuş Primary School: Under Do Your Best project our students painted Kurtdoğmuş primary school and bought their sister school friends five bicycles and helmets with the money they earned from selling their handmade products.

Note: Sister school projects continues and will continue with new schools in new countries and in Turkey.