European Union Comenius Projects

Comenius Program consists of Socrates, which is the EU’s general education action program, captures activities under the school education field.

Comenius Program, in general, aims to increase the quality in school education and Europe dimension. It improves the cooperation between countries, incentivize the work supporting the occupational development in the personal work for the school education field; it encourages learning European languages widely and supports the work for cultural dialogue.

EU Comenius Project joined during September 2008 to August 2010 (This project has been completed) EU Comenius Project joined during September 2009 to August 2013(This project continuous)
Project Name: Networking Minds
Participant Countries: Turkey, Italy, Sweden, Malta, Englande
Participant Schools: Özel Ütopya İlköğretim Okulu, Loatlands Primary School, 29 C.D.Luigi Miraglia, I.C. A Fogazzaro, Rabo Skola, Gozo College Nadur
-For 23 mobilities supplied by EU 23,000 EURO fund
-And 84 mobilities are done by Ütopya Management and parents support.
Project Details: Networking Minds was a two year long project which commenced in August 2008. Together we developed new activities beyond the academic subjects which also support our NMCs, based on the topics; Arts & Crafts, Music, Drama, IT, Cooking, Sports and Mother Tongue. The participants shared plans, activities/work and results so that pupils and staff achieved a better knowledge of a European diversity.
Specialised teachers and parents were involved and results and end products were exchanged  on a monthly basis.  Also, project meetings were held to evaluate the programme, teachers’ exchange visits to observe other methodologies and visit schools and pupils’ exchange visits for intercultural experiences.
Project Report:
Project Name: Vital Expressions of Water in Art&Landscapes
Participant Countries: Türkey, England, France, Lithuania, Spain
Participant Schools: Özel Ütopya İlköğretim Okulu, Loatlands Primary School, CEIP Ciudad de Columbia, Ecole Elementaire Internationale Jean Moulin, Zagares Gimnazija
-It continuous with 23,000 EURO fund supplied by EU for 23 mobilities.
Project Details: Our project aims at sharing a vision of artistic and holistic education through water, art and landscapes.
In the preparatory visit the schools agreed to structure several activities based on water in art which includes paintings, painters and artists in diverse art fields, and landscapes from the different European countries.  We will focus on cultural and geographical aspects from each country using the latest technological resources to get better communication among the partners.
With this project we would like to share the ideas in our community. Address issues and share them with disadvantaged and special needs children in specific areas of the partners countries.
The participants will share plans, activities/work and results so that pupils and staff will achieve better knowledge of European diversity. They will become acquainted with their European partners and develop artistic skills. Opportunities will be created for the use and  furtherment of communication skills and techniques.
We will organise project meetings to evaluate the programme. Teacher exchange visits will enable participants to observe other methodologies.
The teaching of  pupils, pupils exchange visits for intercultural experiences and Comenius products and exhibitions are all central elements of the project.
Project Report: September 2013 report will follow.