Taking Responsibility

We feel the most important area we need work on with our children is “taking responsibilities”. Our taking responsibilities education starts in Küçük Eller / Small Hands and is followed up at Ütopya.

Ütopya students take daily life responsibilities at school:
Making bread (whole class),
Making jam (whole class),
Tidying and cleaning up their classroom,
Clearing up the lunch break area and tidying up the tables,
Every day taking care of their books, notebooks and bringing them from and to home/school,
Doing their own jobs,
Bringing their books and notebooks from and to home everyday
At the same time, they have the responsibility of doing their homework at home and helping with household duties. We need our parents to give us a hand to establish these routines, our children should do all their jobs themselves at home, taking jobs to support home life, if necessary create jobs to give them responsibilities.

We also take our children, without their parents, outside the country via Comenius and sister schools projects, mainly to make sure they take their own responsibilities naturally.