Respect Triangle

We expect from our Ütopya students high standards, respectful, well-mannered and polite behaviour.

We expect Ütopya students respect in three areas; "respecting yourselves, respecting others and respecting nature."

Greeting in the mornings politely, say good morning, say thank you, being well mannered and polite, having table manners, queuing, during lunch time starting their lunch after everybody take their lunch and saying “ bon a petite” when they finish waiting for the others before leaving the table. Just like in their family and like our Ütopya family which they are part of...

On top of that, our Ütopya children’s’ main characteristics are helping each other and other adults, empathising, joining social responsibility projects.

Accepting the “respect triangle” ethically which effects our children’s personal, social, emotional development positively, encouraging and continuing all already existing well mannered and polite behaviour they bring from their families and internalising in Ütopya’s practical daily life and programs.