Magical Childhood and its Importance

Ütopya; is designed as an education and learning foundation where our children express their personality freely, shape their individuality, emotional wholeness and knowledge with supporting programs and events.

Ütopya; started its journey knowing that it could not be the part of the learning system where teachers continuously deliver lectures; where the children sit still and relentlessly listen to a lecture, their every move is under control, they are forced to obey the rules which are already decided and cannot be questioned, responsibilities are not given, no space or time is available for play, in a large buildings with a industrialised set-up.

Ütopya; prepares programs which present our children with knowledge, skills and abilities they will need during the course of their education, not only for the (Level Assessment Exams/SBS, YGS, LYS and ÖSS), but also for the trials they will come across day to day.

Ütopya; with this process and understanding in mind, is set up with opportunities for our children to achieve the qualities to make their own decisions by developing their intellectual capacity and their cultural awareness, making their own decisions individually and as a part of society, learning how to obtain the necessary information needed to make these decisions.

Ütopya has been implementing these programs and events where the children truly live their childhood, every year, via break times, teaching styles, and constant improvement in education with innovations since 2007.