Life Skills

Ütopya gives great importance to our children’s informatics backgrounds and improvements of their life skills which will give them success in every part of life. It is organised to support their improvements in these areas within and outside school activities.

At Ütopya in and outside lesson activities aim to create a positive effect on our children’s academic achievements, school culture perceptions, finding out and improving their leadership abilities, individualism, social and moral progress, using spare time efficiently, a democratic approach etc.

Example: Hobby workshops at Ütopya (wood work, sewing, planting vegetables, gardening, cooking, recycling) not only helps the use of five senses but also give a chance of creating and improving life skill abilities such as researching, organising, planning, and time keeping to help preparation for exams.

As you see below in detail, these activities are handled in a wide perspective in the classroom, at school, in the neighbourhood, in Istanbul, in Turkey and in Europe.

In the classroom At school Neighbourhood and Istanbul Turkey Europe and the World Countries At Home
Information station studies,

Different individual activities,

Working in pairs and in a group with their friends,

Taking an effective role in art, music and sport,

Board games,

ICT studies Presentation
Circle Time,

Philosophy with children,

Hobby workshops,

Do Your Best Project,

School and families at different festivals,


Destination Imagination Program
Observation trips and interviews regarding the areas needed,

Learning on site, trial activities,

Cultural activities, visits to museums, exhibitions etc.,

Swimming program
Periodic visits to Kartepe,

Historical and cultural visits
One of the European Committee’s project; Comenius work and trips (cultural and foreign languages),

Sister school visits from Europe and the World countries (Japan). Hosting and doing activities together.

Jobs need to be done at home,

Personal interests and spare time activities,

Art, sport