Learning Environment and Climate


Learning Environment
Children learn by experience and living through their experiences... in modern education learning is preserved by children living through their experiences and creating an environment to use their knowledge learnt through real life experience. Every application is as a result of communication.

In previous times, children were having these experiences, application and communication by living in society.. but nowadays, in the big cities, the opportunity for children interacting in society is very small. School takes a very big portion of a child’s time, so we need to create an environment for them to gain experiences through living in our society. Ütopya is designed to give an opportunity for our children to communicate in three dimensions as in Scandinavian pedagogy.
1. Communication with nature and the environment (Nature brings learning to its uppermost level by giving an opportunity to use all five senses;
2. Communication with their friends and all the people who work at school;
3. Communication outside school and society.
When you enter Ütopya you see a vast garden which is in use by children at all times, common areas which supports constant communication at school, wide windowed classrooms which allows continuous communication with nature and the common areas... These classes reject the traditional education environment of lecturing behind closed doors, and information just staying indoors, not allowing experimentation and communication, but they have the facility to allow knowledge and abilities to be carried into all aspects of life; there is a 100% relation between the design of a school and the learning environment.

Learning Atmosphere
According to research, children cannot learn when under a stressful environment. Below you can see the negative effects of stress on education in the illustration from "The Teacher's Toolkit by Paul Ginnis sy27”. In principle, children cannot learn in stressful and high anxiety conditions... Nobody likes a stressful environment.

Ütopya maintains a stress free environment, not just to help education and learning, but also to improve the children’s’ quality of life and to treat the children as individuals. This helps them protect their mental health and makes them feel good and happy.