Deep And Individualized Learning

Learning in Depth:
In Ütopya “learning in depth” means not just receiving knowledge, but individualising it and giving an opportunity for our children to use it in real life. With this in mind, LEARNING IN DEPTH is sustained by developing the abilities as well as knowledge, preparing different activities for real diverse experiences, experimenting, living, thinking and questioning.
These are not just words. Concrete examples can be observed with Ütopya’s children’s real life experiences outside the school.
Individualised Learning:
Every person is different, although the educator is aware that he/she cannot adapt this into day to day life; seeing everybody as a group does not satisfy today’s children.
At Ütopya we have been working on individualised learning programs since September 2011, to give our children an opportunity to reach their maximum academic potential with their individual priorities, knowledge, abilities and techniques. To be able to practice this program fully we are getting professional and program help.
This special individualised learning system was started by giving coaching training to our teachers in September 2011. Our aim is that all our teachers will reach the coaching level where they can integrate this system with all students.