Autonomy & Independence

Today’s children who will be living as adults in the modern World ought to be “Self sufficient and Independent”

Ütopya, being aware of the importance of these attributes and the responsibility they have taken on, prepares our children to reach the level of understanding to make the right decisions, and finding their RIGHT decision by themselves, establishing the necessary knowledge and abilities to carry out their decision into their life and HOW, WHERE AND WHEN to use them.

Our aim to complete this bigger picture, to bring up our children self sufficiently and reaching a level to take responsibility for their own education.

According to research, children who take responsibility in the routine of their daily life (taking responsibility in different areas), makes them self sufficient individuals.

To reach this goal we are helping our children improve their self esteem. We give them responsibilities, we make sure they do all their jobs themselves (parents also work towards this), and we are building a structure to give them an opportunity to make their own decisions correctly.

We have two support programs to make sure they reach this aim; Do your best and Do it yourself

Do Your Best is a project where Ütopya students take their own responsibilities, planning, finishing their work on time and at the end seeing the end result. This is not a competition; a child produces work according to the requested criteria. When they finish they share their work and present it to their friends and family. We hold a celebration and give them gold, silver and bronze medal according to how well they meet the criteria.