Advantages Of Being a Small School


Ütopya is a school that “CHILDREN DO NOT GET LOST IN“
In the 21st century, modern society families are very busy. Children need individual attention, one to one time, and made to feel important as a person, just like in their family...

Small schools:
  • Give children a chance and opportunity to be known profoundly as a person.
  • Personal relations, social relations are experienced in a safe environment through experiences.
  • Making it possible to be aware of every child’s different needs and how to meet these needs quickly and efficiently.
  • It gives opportunities for the child to let somebody see them, to gain their teacher’s attention, which improves their performances. Also, individual attention brings better school results, and interest in subjects.
  • Additional to all the above, “bullying and violence” has risen these days; in a small society, family like relationship styles diminish violence and ridiculing.
Due to all of these reasons Ütopya chose to be a part of the small schools pedagogy. “No children deserves to get lost in any way”