Sports in Utopya


With Sport Lessons we aim to improve the individual’s motor abilities as well as their social abilities, along with positive identity development.

The Sports Departmentaims to improve the student physically, mentally and emotionally by the work we do. We make sure they expand their sporting development, social, emotional, manners and abilities. Students are introduced to new sports, and their improvements are maintained with teaching sporting rules and abilities. While our students have fun with sport activities, they gather the relationship between sporting activities and health. Working in cooperation, helping each other, taking responsibility, following the leader and being a leader, fair play, struggling, congratulating the winner, accepting losing, using school materials well and protecting them. Gaining the manners and abilities as a means of democratic life are the attitudes we target to give.

In our school, at the beginning of the school year before we start Sport Lessons, we get in contact with the parents and students and go through a health check and make sure there is no problem for them to perform sport. If anything stands out during the health check regarding physical activity and exercising we collaborate with a professional and decide what kind of work should be planned.

Injuries can occur if the body is stretched to its limits. To avoid this we start our lessons with warm up exercises. Warm up exercises consist of general or special warm ups regarding the lesson’s topics. We follow a path during the lesson from the easy to hard and working all the muscles in the body, whilst bearing in mind the students’ individual attributes to avoid the risk of the injury.

We keep sport education work one to one as much as possible and use verbal explanation and modelling. We make sure that all the instructions given are easy, clear and understandable, and if necessary we will keep repeating the instructions until they become clearer. In the same way we give importance to repetitions until the students are able to do the abilities themselves.

"Oxygen is the main requirement for our body, it is very important for all our internal organs, glands, neural system and brain. Without food we can live a couple of weeks, without water we can live a few days but we cannot live without oxygen more than a few minutes."

"The brain needs more oxygen than any other organ."

"Oxygen is very important and a must for "a quality and healthy life”.

In our school sport lessons are prepared with a philosophy of “there is no bad weather but inappropriate clothing“in our schools vast garden within a forest; using all the opportunities nature gives with appropriate clothing according to the weather conditions, in an environment where sport and oxygen mix. "We aim that with the oxygen they gain outdoors, their brain will work better and they will have an improvement in their quality time."
Sport lessons are supported with all sorts of tools and equipment. We aim that the students use these tools and equipment, and get into the habit of it. Also, we explain the danger of using these tools and the equipment to the students and with the precautions taken we make sure we work safely. In addition to that, whilst doing the movements, we get support from rhythm tools with music, whistle or counting to the beat, to create an enjoyable atmosphere for the students.

Folk dance is taught starting with simple figures and moving onto more complex figures. Basketball, volleyball and netball are practised one to one or in a group appropriate to the students’ abilities.
"In our school every year in winter we go skiing, and in winter we go swimming for 6 weeks."

Topics in Sports Lessons
Instruction, exercise, cooperating, self control, problem solving, teaching yourself individually or in pairs are carried out with the inductive method. In the classes we also have two hours sport breaks in addition to the sport lessons.

Sport Breaks
To support the abilities which our students already have and to find out their possible abilities we work to create a positive environment.
In our school we work specially to introduce a sport according to each student’s interest and desire and make sure that sport becomes a part of their life.
For this purpose every student can join in sports breaks as an after school activity. We give an opportunity to the students to improve themselves in that sport.