Science in Utopya


We started our journey with Albert Einstein’s quote “Imagining is better than the knowledge.” We let them imagine and dream first. We imagined the future, how the World should have been, and then we see how the World is now. Some things have gone wrong somewhere. We have learnt that science is the key to open so many doors. We have also learnt that it helps us to reduce our chances to make mistakes in life.
Ütopya believes the aim of science is to serve life and discover the new, hence we support the idea that the foundation of science is imagination. Being a part of Ütopya means thinking, imagining and reaching their dreams by overcoming all obstacles with unlimited energy. The World will be a better place to live when Ütopya’s little ones crack the science world’s doors. The future will be raised on the young generation’s shoulders.
Science and technology education at Ütopya encourages the students to recognise their own horizons as well as having a system of experiencing, student centred learning and increasing their curiosity.