Music in Utopya


Ütopya Primary School Grade 1 to 8 Music Program’s General Objectives and Targets
General objectives consist of three main headings which are complementary for music education:
  • Recognising different music kinds and building a music culture
  • Using the information they have learnt with practical studies
  • Recognising the music in daily life
What are the targeted results of Ütopya Music Program?
  • According to the primary school curriculum a student, over the course of 8 years, should have a knowledge of classic, jazz, new age, rock, pop, Turkish folk music, World music and alternative music, and also information regarding various musicians’ life. In addition to that, every student will have piano education which is completed with solfej and rhythmic reading studies during the music lessons.
  • By listening and playing musical performances, they support their knowledge with musical examples.
  • They follow the musicals around the World and the chronological changes in the music events.
  • They join in the music actively by singing and with rhythm studies. They have an opportunity to put into practice the musical information they have learnt by using their own voice and the instruments.
How do we identify the students who have a flare in music?
Students’ performance in music lessons are assessed in 3 main branches:
  • Cultural knowledge
  • Attitude and behaviour
  • Technical abilities
How do we measure technical abilities?
  • Rhythm: Rhythm repetition, catching the beat
  • Sound repetition: Hearing and voicing the sounds correctly
  • Melody: Being able to repeat the melody they heard in the right tone
After the technical selections, we inform the parents whose children have a special ability for music, and offer suggestions for them to start music, or to take further steps from the level they are at.