Grade 6

Grade 6 at Ütopya
  • Turkish education is a process which aims to give the students the ability of reading, comprehension and expressing what they have learnt verbally and in writing. Our aim during this process is to prepare a student to perceive and question the society he/she lives in and the world, and to improve their self-confidence which he/she needs to create the new. During our studies we use visual materials, CDs, educational games. With the creative drama method we have activities to improve our students’ potential in creating, self-confidence, taking initiative, individual thinking, self control and problem solving. The Turkish program in our school aims to give the passion to read, to bring up people who are master in expressing themselves verbally and in writing, having a full command of their language and digested the grammatical rules of their language.
  • We also use techniques such as association games, writing columns, research and presentation, preparing wall newspapers, drawings, thoughts that photographs bring to mind, preparing a story book etc., to realise our schools main aim and approach. In every lesson we use listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities. To improve the right use of these abilities is necessary for the other lessons as well as Turkish lessons. Good education in the mother tongue will affect the students’ academic success positively. There is a direct relation between comprehending what one reads and academic success. The students must use and improve their written abilities for written quizzes and preparing their homework, their speaking abilities whilst lecturing a subject and asking questions, and most of all, their listening abilities whilst following the lecture. These abilities are improved not only in Turkish lessons but in all lessons. For this reason, Turkish teachers work in cooperation with the other subject teachers. As a result of Turkish education, emotions, thoughts, ideas and observations serving to a specific purpose should be passed on to the other people verbally or in writing; because the way our society lives in this century, we are obliged to not only understand others but also make ourselves understood.
The main aim of language education, which is fundamental for our school, is that as well as teaching communication abilities, to improve their “thinking” ability. For that we should always keep in mind that to be able to think in Turkish can only occur if we have a high level of Turkish language.
  • Topic: Fractions
  • Gain: Learning the concept of fractions
  • Topic: Sets
  • Gain: Grasps intersection, combination and difference calculations.
Aristotle said ”human wants to know”. Ütopya’s sense of education is devoted to feed the hunger for learning which exist in human beings naturally. Our game and activities enrich the curriculum aims to get maths loved by all children and create a positive attitude towards math. In our school, math education is not done only in the classrooms. From time to time we do outdoor activities and maintain the relationship between math and real life. We give at least one hour a week to these kind of activities. The rest of time we carry out student centred learning. As an Ütopya family we believe that creativity is encouraged by allowing the students to ask questions freely.

  • In our school, during Social Studies lessons, we follow the education system which is from near to far, simple to complex and from concrete to abstract. The era we work in is viewed with their values, knowledge and their way of thinking, the results of events and facts today are studied at every angle. Every study is established on certain concepts such as change and persistence, similarity and difference, reason and result, time and chronology, fact and thought. To cement the subjects we get support from historical art and pictures, post cards, films, maps and trips and observations. We make sure we find a connection between the topics and daily events. As a result of this education our students become individuals who can create new information from what they have learnt and have a high sense of curiosity and an inquiring mind.


Social Studies Lesson
  • Unit 1: Living on earth
  • Theme: How we can fit the World on a piece of paper?
  • Unit 2: Living on earth
  • Theme: How we can fit the World on a piece of paper?
Turkish Lesson
  • Theme:
  • The culture of reading
  • The life of Atatürk’s
You can see what our grade 6 children do from the photograph gallery below: