Grade 5

Grade 5 at Utopya
As grade 5 class we start our lesson with circle time.

TURKISH LESSON: Our aim in Turkish lessons is to give our students reading and comprehension skills and to be able to express what they have understood verbally and in writing. In Turkish lessons, students are prepared for life, familiarise themselves with the society they live in, recognise the characteristics of their society and develop a critical point of view for the society and the World. In our lessons we use visuals, videos and computer based games reinforcing to the appropriate student level. With creative drama, composing a story and visual reading methods we set up activities for our students to use their potential in self trust, taking the initiative, free thinking, self control and problem solving. As a result of this we aim to bring up individuals who become skilled at learning, thinking, producing, sharing, and are self confident and successful.

Loving the lesson without fear, doing with comprehension, cementing classroom activities by choosing events from the daily life, making sure the students know what they need to use, where, and when, and find different solutions. We aim that they set up problems from daily life and develop different solutions by bringing different points of view to these problems, modifying their learning style and feel they are an individual.

SOCIAL STUDIES LESSON: Having an awareness of where they live, knowing the characteristics of the city, region and the country they are in, and being aware of his/hers country’s position in the World. Recognising the climate changes, geographic, economic and cultural events in the World and in their country and also looking at these in a critical thinking system. We aim to bring up individuals who know that they are free in their country and in the World, in their thoughts, and protect the values of their own country and the World’s.

Grade 5 Classroom Teacher

Grade 5 Subjects
  • Math
    Weighing measurements
    Liquid measurements
    Dimensional measurements
    Fraction problems
  • Turkish
    Text studying
    Writing a story
    Neat writing
  • Social Studies
    Our cultural heritage
    Things we produce
    Our products and mines
    Our natural environments
You can see what our grade 5 children do from the photograph gallery below: