Grade 4

Grade 4 at Ütopya
Grade 4 students at Ütopya, have a Socratic discussions on chosen subjects with their grade 5 and 6 friends every morning before classes, during “circle time”, on the agenda. In our school, during the discussion of the topics with the grade 4 students, they are made aware of the targets and the aims of the information given. Weekly plans are put on the board by the teacher every Monday and during the week students get information regarding the activities and subjects to be learnt. Also, at the beginning of each lesson, the teacher prepares visual plans to give information regarding the subject process. During lessons students follow activities with their teacher’s guidance for learning time management and to get a sense of time using a stop watch. The activities chosen during lessons are selected for ‘multiple intelligence’.

Türkish Lessons: Subsidiary activities related to speaking, listening, reading, writing and comprehension are done by activities and events in the individual learning system. We aim activities to internalise abilities from simple to complex, such as speaking, description, visual reading, visual presentation according to the methods and techniques required, taking notes, listening to instructions, guessing, analysing the text they read, synthesising their knowledge, creating a new story, expressing themselves verbally and in writing.

With the present day being the information and technology century, every achievement is supported with computer activities. Subject and daily life achievements sustain education as a whole with trips, experiments and observation of self hygiene abilities and education in nature.

Math Lessons: Subjects and achievements are internalised by cementing the information learnt by teaching and discussing where they will be relevant in real life. Subjects are related to daily life thinking by straight forward verbal methods, descriptions, discovery, scenario, analysing, showing and getting it done, rules, experiment activities and games.

Social Studies Knowledge: Subjects and achievements are planned to teach by individualised learning methods in a group, in pairs and individual studies. Computer supported learning method and discussion, showing and getting it done, drama, problem solving methods are put into practice.

Grade 4 Classroom Teacher
Buket Çelikkol

You can see what our grade 4 children do from the photograph gallery below: