Grade 3

Grade 3 at Ütopya
Turkish Lessons:It is a process which we aim to teach our students to read, comprehend, and gain the ability to express what they learn orally and in writing. Our aim during this process is to prepare a student to perceive and question the society he/she lives in and the world, and to improve their self-confidence which he/she needs to create the new. During our studies we use visual materials, CDs, educational games such as Bingo cards, taboo etc. With the creative drama method we have activities to improve our students’ potential in creating, self-confidence, taking initiative, individual thinking, self control and problem solving. We also use techniques such as association games, writing columns, research and presentation, preparing wall newspapers, drawings, thoughts that photographs bring to mind, preparing a story book etc., to realise our schools main aim and approach. To provide good reading habits we set two lessons a week for reading activities and use our library effectively. Students act the book they read by the drama method. By recording the play, the micro learning technique is applied. Moreover, our students who prepare the story book or story box share their work on the story and poem days organised. In our school, under the CAS projects’ aim, our students can work on a project individually or in a group, on the subject or a field they like by researching, exploring, commenting, giving their opinion, retrieve the new information, creating individual thinking and come to conclusions with their related advisor teacher.

The Knowledge of Life: : During our lessons we have a structural approach. Learning is more important than teaching. Learning is thought as a process. Students’ research is supported and we take into consideration how our students learn. We give great importance to group work to maintain learning together and to get them to accept team spirit. We set the best suitable learning environment for producing information, improving their problem solving abilities and productivity, with learning and education studies. Our philosophy is centred on student’s individual differences and we prepare our activities accordingly. We actively keep our students connected to every step of the learning process. Classroom activities are prepared considering the level differences and make sure all our students join in all activities.

Math Lessons:Math lessons are thought out in such a way that every student believes they can manage math without being scared of it and join in happily. Whilst planning, the students’ level of development and individual differences are taken into consideration. Studies are carried out to improve perception, discovery, thinking, commenting and synthesising abilities by using visual materials. We also work to instigate the desire of learning to our children, and then making learning fun and storing the information learnt in the long term memory during the learning process. We prepare an atmosphere for our children to produce different problems by using different materials and create different solutions. We try to stop student’s prejudgements against Math by showing likeness between math’s concepts and concrete concepts. With this method, which is called ‘analogy’, we actively maintain the involvement of our students by using the events they come across in their daily life. A ‘way to’ solution, scenario method, analyses, show and get it done, experimenting activities and learning by play, and station study are some of the methods we use in the classroom. Our students prepare math games, gather tools regarding the topics and display their work on the school panel.
Grade 3 Classroom Teacheri
Emek Kurt

You can see what our grade 3 children do from the photograph gallery below: