Grade 2

Grade 2 at Ütopya
Ütopya evolves out of a structure for learning all lessons by experiencing, experimenting, thinking and enquiring, and practices learning and education centred on the students.

Türkish Lessons: We strongly emphasise reading and comprehension studies. It is very important that one can pass on what they read, listened to, and their own thoughts, verbally and in written form.

One aim of these lessons is that writing should be neat, and the characters in the writing should be established. Regarding the reading of texts, we search for deep information before and after the lesson to support this lesson. Research by all methods is shared by the class according to the presentation methods. We prepare classroom panels by adding research and visuals which relate to the text. Also, during the lessons, we answer 6W questions (Who? Where? When? What? Which? Why?), study to improve their vocabulary and the lessons are linked with day to day life.

Math Lessons: All topics are supported with tangible materials. One aim of this lesson is to show our children where they can use these in the real life. Without a doubt we carry out all activities regarding this. We develop the ability to work out the calculations in the head. Students are encouraged to find different solutions. We find the children with different levels via “checklists” and “constant observation” and prepare different activities which are appropriate to their level.

The Knowledge of Life Lessons: All studies are related to life. We set activities to improve the students’ research side and sustain an environment to communicate their opinions and create ideas. Lessons are supported with visual materials and trips. We prepare a classroom panel after the completion of each topic with all the information gained, research studies done and notes taken in and outside the classroom.

Grade 2 Classroom Teacher
Gülçağ Konçe

You can see what our children do from the photograph gallery below: