Grade 1

Grade 1 at Ütopya:
At Ütopya all lessons are taught using experimentation, experiencing, thinking and questioning methods and are student orientated.

Reading-writing activities start with drawing lines to improve hand muscles. Reading-writing activities carried out using the “Sound based sentence method”. With the sound based sentence method, students feel the sounds in everyday life and recognise them. By adding the sounds together, syllables are formed. Then from these syllables, words are created. With words sentences are built and then texts. After this process, we are pleased to see continuous and comprehensive reading and understanding are achieved.

Our grade 1 students learn the ways to get information to give them the ability to express verbally and written what they see, hear and think. They make friends with books and become keen readers.

The knowledge of life lessons’ subjects are supported with activities parallel with the subjects in our Science and Technology Lab, after discussion in the classrooms. To link the lessons, real life school trips are organised, which also aim to improve behavioural abilities in social surroundings.

In our maths lessons we work through understanding, enumeration, grouping, inquiring, correlating, critical thinking, guessing, analysing, synthesising. We sustain learning by doing, experiencing and having fun, supported with visual materials.

Grade 1 Classroom Teacher
Nilüfer ÇELEBİ
  • The knowledge of life
    Our senses
    My school is spotless
    Living things
    Rules everywhere
    Learning about myself
  • Maths
    Geometric objects
    Rhythmic counting
    Spatial measurements
    Time measurements
  • Turkish
    Start of reading-writing
    Listening and comprehension
    Writing studies
    Reading studies
You can see what our children do from the photograph gallery below: