Arts in Utopya

The difficult thing in art education is to look at a person regardless their age, where they stand, their needs, without changing them. The real talent is not teaching what you know right away but quietly watching them, supporting them at the right time and place. We believe there are as many methods as the number minds which intend to do art.

Our responsibility is to encourage them to create new pictures, to get close to their inner self, to leave traces, to trust their intuition to learn how to use the paper, paint, line, studio, the studio in their mind to serve themselves.

Colour and line has a silent, without words, another language. Visual arts lessons are language lessons in Ütopya Art Studio. Here there is other work other than just paint. We of course learn about design, colour by using gouache, colour print techniques to create their unique pictures. We also look at what the people who lived for art such as Beuys, Picasso, primitive people, made. In addition, we use materials and tools which help us express in, for example, three dimensions, found objects, clay, photographs, every kind of found waste, computer etc.

But the most important thing is to create the knowledge, to understand what goes through their mind and watch them building up their own portfolio and sketch book to communicate with the silent language of colour.

Sedef Hatapkapulu
Ütopya Art (Visual Art) Teacher