Support Programmes

Personal Development Program
Circle time: At grade 1 to 4 synchronised and varied subjects, at grade 5 to 8 commenting on newspaper news.

Suitcase project: Orientation work from Small Hands/ Küçük Eller to Ütopya Primary.

Life skills: Woodwork, sewing, knitting, cooking, mending bicycles, first aid. Please CLICK for detailed information.

Ethical education:
Respecting, helping others, activities for forming moral values.

Responsibility program: Being self sufficient, taking responsibility, doing their homework by themselves. Please CLICK for detailed information.

Garden plays program: Children’s free play, team plays and organised using "Ütopya Adventure Corner and Flying Fox" Constant relationship with families and cooperation.

Various trips: Reinforcing the subjects, learning and experiencing centred; progressing self confidence via skiing/Kartepe/international trips.

Sport programs: Basketball, skiing, cricket, swimming.

Do Your Best program: Various fields and group works, community services. Please CLICK for detailed information.

Academic Development Program
Learning skills program: Such as organisation, time keeping, reading, comprehension; writing, problem solving. Please CLICK for detailed information.

Individual support program: Academic knowledge, skill; focused on improving reading and writing (Support Program).

Keeping Diary: Daily book reading, comprehension and commenting; story and article writing; constant use of books in the library, classroom and common areas.

Science and technology: There is no compulsory science lesson at grades 1, 2 & 3; but at Ütopya, once a week, preparing and administrating planned and spontaneous experiments with their science teacher, supporting the students aspirations, curiosity and learning, science corners, constant use of lab.

Soroban math: Japanese math program to sustain quick calculation.

ICT studies: As well as station studies individual programs according to the individual needs are used.

Book reading: 30 minutes book reading every day at home.

Study skills program: Note taking techniques, fast and comprehension reading techniques, various math box studies.

Chess: Learning how to play chess and about famous chess players and their competitions

Soroban: Learning how to do calculations in the head comfortably by regular studies with Japanese abacus system Soroban.

Philosophy with children program: Aiming to improve their thinking skills.

Learning in-situ trips: Such as Cappadocia, stone examination etc. trips – related to social studies program.

Learning stations by doing, experiencing and experimenting: With five senses activities.

Research programs:

General knowledge and Intellectual Aggregation Program
Various art studies: In addition to curriculum program, digesting various art movements and various artists with our art teacher and Comenius countries studies.

Inviting various artists to our school:

Exhibition trips:
In Istanbul and international artists exhibitions.

Museum trips: In Istanbul, in Turkey and various international museums with the aim of learning the history and culture.

Learning piano: Teaching every child how to play piano with notes.

Learning music movements and musicians studies: Turkey’s and the World’s movements and musicians.

Song’s lyrics and composition: So far all Comenius songs are written by our children and currently we are working on Ütopya song.

Do your best project: This project, as well as helping their personal and academic development, also supports independent various studies in historical, cultural, philosophical aspects.

Dance: Practices dependant on the teachers technique, covering various areas, individual practices

Different countries trips and observations: Visits to Comenius and sister school and studies with people from different countries.

Learning Turkey’s and different countries’ literature: With various stories.

Theatre: During the year, short performances in Turkish and in foreign languages. Performing in a musical once a year.

Film, book, play critics and comments: Both as learning professionals’ critics and as studies in our children’s doing their own critics.

Having a Broad Vision Program
Activities at Small Hands/Küçük Eller: National and International festivals are celebrated together, recognising different cultures and languages.

Studies done by parents and teachers from different countries: Tea ceremony, Lantern story, French pancake making etc.

EU and Sister Schools Projects: Being with different cultures; national and international trips. Communion with European and Japanese sister schools. Please CLICK for detailed information.