Exam Preparation Programme

Ütopya’s exam commission was set up when Ütopya students were moved to grade 6 in September 2011.

The function of exam commission:
To prepare lessons according to Ütopya’s criteria.
Preparing exam banks for all lessons.
Studying and supporting individual, small and big groups, towards exam.
Preparing monthly booklets and monitoring the progresses.
Preparing and applying checkpoint booklets, according to abilities and knowledge.
Preparing self help booklets (math, science, social studies and Turkish lessons).
To maintain and oversee the exam system is suitable for differences in whole school in terms of class level criteria and different styles.
To teach Ütopya students tactics and strategies to be successful and to teach skills how to study efficiently.

Constant improved exam preparation program is applied according to the classes as below (Test studies, which are known as traditional exam preparation, have started from grade 4)

Grade 1/2/3:
Profound learning which maintains long lasting learning. Different level activities such as reading, comprehension and math skills.
Grade 4:
Profound learning, sustainable skills and assessments consist of many different exam kinds, different levels activities.
Grade 5:
In addition to profound learning, sustainable skills, different exams, finding out students’ weaknesses and strengths, and support lessons according to these, different career group meetings.
Grade 6:
On top of the above intensive exams, different exam experiences.
Around April general exam committees with parents, information regarding the system, finding out the expectations, examples from the exams done at school, individual coaching.
Grade 7:
Exam strategies and tactics, exam practices, individual coaching, individual family, child, exam units’ meetings.
Grade 8:
In addition to grade 6 and 7 activities; different high school visits, occupation visits and intense exam program. Following up the students’ studies whom go to private teaching institutions, choosing schools, exam entry family meetings, preparations for before and during exam.