Ütopya Foreign Languages Programme

Time frame: 13.50 to 16.00

The Immersion method, which is learning foreign languages without realising is used in Küçük Eller/Small Hands from early ages, continues at Ütopya.

The Foreign language program, which is applied in the etude program, is created to make Ütopya students wide horizoned World citizens with a broad perspective. New generations will definitely have more of an international level of thinking and a European mentality.

Our students will be equipped with Turkish and further foreign languages, hence they will be on a par with European and developed countries’ children at an early age. Children and youngsters at Ütopya will have a culture not only to be a good Turkish republic citizen but also good European and World citizens. Also, all studies show that more than one language will improve children’s’ cognitive development (in the respect of more brain areas are aroused). For this reason, with a decision taken in the year 2000, the EU aims children should use their own language very well but also should learn at least two foreign languages. Hence Ütopya supports learning foreign languages starting at Small Hands/Küçük Eller.

Multilingualism has a great role in Ütopya’s program. Learning English has already begun seriously, in daily use, as listening and speaking, at preschool. Writing and reading take place in the etude program in the afternoons with other languages, until it starts in MEB curriculum.