The Sequences of Foreign Languages Learning at Utopya

Second language is English, First foreign language is French, Second foreign language is German, Third foreign language is Spanish (3rd foreign language is only for our children who joined Small Hands’ for 4 years).

In language programs children don’t stay in their own classrooms as MEB Program, but go to different classes according to their levels. If necessary there are Support programs available in addition to these classes. Please see below language courses for our children who come to Ütopya speaking English, and the Small Hands/ Küçük Eller bi-lingual children students. Those who come from different schools to grade 1, or other grades, are taken to different courses according to their language levels. Children who arrive at our school at grades 4 and 5 are only taken to English education, but if their level of language improves fast they might go to French classes in their future years

Compulsory language at Ütopya after English is French.

Language learning table for our students whom continued Small Hands/Küçük Eller for 3 years:


First Grade English: Non Readers Group: oral language (listening, speaking , understanding)
Second Grade
English: Post Elementary & Pre Intermediate Group; oral and written language (reading, writing , understanding, grammar)
And French Level 1: 2 lessons a week
Third Grade
English: Intermediate Group
And French Level 2: 3 lessons a week
Fourth Grade: English lessons start from grade 4 in MEB morning program
English: Upper Intermediate Group
And  French Level 3 / 5 lessons a week
And German Level 1 /  3 lessons a week
Fifth Grade
English: Pre-Advanced Group
And French Level 4 / 5 lessons a week
And German Level 2 / 3 lessons a week
Sixth Grade
English: Advanced Group
And French Level 5 / 5 lessons a week
And German Level 3 / 5 lessons a week
And Spanish Level 1 / 3 leassons a week
Seventh Grade
English: Upper Advanced Group
And French Level 6 / 5 lessons a week
And German Level 4 /   5 lessons a week
And Spanish Level 1 / 3  lessons a week
Eighth Grade
English: Literature
And French Level 7 / German Level 5 / Spanish Level 2