The Practice of Foreign Languages in Real Life: Trips to Europe & Abroad

Ütopya students visit two or three European countries in a course of a school year.

There are two kinds of travelling program abroad at Ütopya:

1.EU Comenius Projects: 2. Sister schools Project:
Ütopya students went to Sweden, Malta and Italy for the first Comenius project during September 2008 to June 2010. They will visit Spain, France and Lithuania with the second Comenius project during September 2011 to June 2013. (Visits to schools abroad and hosting students that come from abroad.) Ütopya students visited many schools in Malta and Denmark during March and June 2011; also they hosted 13 Japanese guests (8 being students) at Ütopya and their homes.

These visits’ and projects’ purpose are to give Ütopya students a wide and enriched life and increase their learning experiences; supporting their academic learning (history, geography, life knowledge, science, math, social studies, general knowledge), increase their self trust, using their foreign languages, making friends from different parts of the World (real friendship not cyber friends) taking responsibility, independence, seeing they can do everything by themselves.