The Practice of Engilish Language as Well as Knowledge And Skills: Destination Imagination

Ütopya students join Destination Imagination program once a week.

Destination Imagination is a non profit organisation which focuses on the theory of children/youngsters, between the ages of 4 to 19, solving problems creatively, whilst keeping time. It aims to give youngsters abilities such as creativity, critical thinking, working as a team, using their time in the best possible way and problem solving. In every team 4 to 7 people work on Team Work and prepare solutions in theatre, architecture, improvisation, science and technical focus, during 10 weeks. Also instant challenges teach the teams fast thinking, decision making and acting on their decisions. DI gives the youngsters life long abilities in a safe and fun environment.
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Ütopya students have joined this program once a week (two hours) since October 2010; in March 2011 they came fist in their fist tournament and came second in their second tournament.