Utopya Primary and Secondary School


Ütopya Private Primary anda Secondary School where CHILDREN HAVE A HIGH LEVEL OF EDUCATION AND CAN BREATH, started its teaching and education life in September 2007 in the region of Çekmeköy, on the Asian side of Istanbul, as a continuation of Small Hands /www.smallhands.orgwhich is the first school that offers five languages, at its three campuses, at the same time, in Turkey and in Istanbul.

Ütopya with its pedagogy, modern programme, Scandinavian design and its unique and warm attention, provide our children with the ability to reach their utmost potential and give them the responsibility of success in its teaching with an international approach.

Ütopya serves the following group of children’s education and teaching requirements:

1. 1. Turkish Republic citizen children
2. 2. Bi-lingual children (Either the mother or father is Turkish citizen, the other one is foreign)

Education given between 08.00 to 16.00;
-Between 08.00 to 13.40 the Ministry of Education Primary Schools Curriculum is followed, which consists of 6 lessons of 40 minutes of per lesson.
-Between 13.50 to 16.00 during the study section, the Foreign Language Programme is followed.
-Our children play in the garden everyday including in winter unless there is heavy rain or storm during their break time.


Ütopya, which is a small, peaceful school, treats children’s progress holistically
1. 1. For their personal and social development:
Studies to improve the attributes allowing them to achieve standing up on their own feet: To see a child as an individual, support their independence, give them responsibility, practices to improve their abilities (decision making, risk taking, being a team player), support studies to get personal skills, constant communication with the parents.

Studies to give them sportive, aesthetic, artistic points of view and general knowledge: Hobby and club programmes, effective use of garden, team sports (basketball, skiing), individual studies with teachers (piano, violin, art)

Programmes to establish their values: Circle time, individual studies, and group workshops.
2. 2. For their academic development::
Learning lessons by “doing, living, thinking” systems, ICT relative education, all lessons are integrated (including language lessons), soroban, science studies, assessing developing events spontaneously, subject based trips, doing different activities targeting the five senses by station system and different level activities (3 activities are compulsory).
Individual studies, assessments (by themselves, by their teachers, half term reports and after that meetings with the school headmistress and psychologist, book reading session, being interested in books in all areas and starting Socratic dialogue practice, individual & in pairs and group support programs, constant communication with parents.
3. 3.For developing their view points and vision:
Learning “2, 3 or 4 languages” by immersion system, joining European Committee Comenius projects and sister schools project studies (in and outside Turkey), International trips, joint studies (Sweden, England, Malta, Italy, France, Lithuania, Spain, Holland, Japan), cultural festivals.

Starting from grade one, learning in depth methods by understanding, reinforcing, internalising learning and earning different abilities system;

Exams starting from grade four;

From grade six under the supervision of Exam Commission studies with students; informative meetings with parents;

From grade seven additional to past grades information and abilities practicing new strategies and tactics ( fast reading, selecting multiple choice questions, further use of sorobon, time management etc.)
Ms. Leman Çetin who is also the founder of Small Hands/Kucuk Eller.

Please CLICK to see a letter from one of our parents, Demet Oguzer’s, about Ütopya

You can download Ütopya Private Primary School’s introduction brochure from the link below.