Safety / Protection


Preparation for an earthquake
Our students experienced an earthquake in Şişli Science Centre’s earthquake section, our students not only lived through an earthquake but are also being prepared to adopt this information into real life.

This preparation aims to go beyond the subject of what an earthquake is, learning the conditions to keep the damage to a minimum during the earthquake, having the ability to question and assess these and seeing the bigger picture.

We also have regular earthquake drills in our school and practice using the hats which we brought from Japan.

We also have an action plan for maintaining daily life for three days at school in the case of our parents arriving at our school anytime after an earthquake.

We are also looking into, with the help of one of our academician parent at ITU and reading the books which he has donated, what we can do on a larger scale after an earthquake.
Preparation for a fire
In the MEB Primary School program, the subject of fire is dealt with in depth. Our children also are educated in how to avoid a fire. Furthermore, as well as our visits to Sisli Science Centre, Çekmeköy Fire Brigades, and during the Fire Brigades visit to our school giving us information of what to do in case of a fire, we have regular fire drills.

First Aid training for children
This training gives our children not only the basic abilities to help themselves and others, but also the aim is to make them self-sufficient and to learn life skills. They also learn under which circumstances, where and how they can reach for help. We invite professionals to give this training outside our school.

First Aid training for teachers
Every year before the academic year starts all our Small Hands / Küçük Eller with Ütopya teachers take a professional Fist Aid seminar.

Sex Education (From Grade 4)
Our Ütopya students take sex education seminars from professionals in their field, outside our school starting from the fourth grade. This education is given in our school for each class separately, appropriate for their age group and with girls & boys are mixed.

Children’s Safety and Protection
We are reviewing Child Safety and Child Protection policies which have high standards in European countries, and trying to create Ütopya child protection policies. Also one of our parents gave a seminar regarding this to all our teachers and parents, the section of this seminar which is related to children is carried out by our school philologist for each age group and in this way our children’s awareness is raised in this issue.

You can view the details of “Safety for our Children” seminars details which is prepared by Mr. Ahmet Timurkan, one of our Ütopya parents, on the link below.