Our History And Development Plan

1996 Small Hands Ütopya's foundation Small Hands Academy opened
Research from 1998 As a result of Small Hands graduates going to different schools, research has started regarding our children’s needs of the 21st century and how to meet these needs at this time.
Decision to open Primary School in 2000 Following our school’s founder Leman Çetin’s participations in a congress in England, opening a Primary School to follow on Small Hands is decided.
2000-2002 Analysis and research Follow up analysis and research in depth to adapt Small Hands’ qualified education to today’s World’s needs and the necessities to establish a primary School
2002 May / First International Small Hands Congress To learn education systems in Europe and the other parts of the World more professionally and training teachers, first International Small Hands / Küçük Eller "Early Learning Quality Education Congress is held.
2003 Joining EU projects working with European professionals closely and observation Small Hands Selamiçeşme Comenius Projects, Small Hands Rumelihisar, Grudwig Small Hands Etiler Comenius Projects
2004 November / Second Small Hands International Congress Second “Early Learning and Quality Education in Primary School Education Congress” stressing foreign languages’ contribution and its effect in educational progress and new methods
2005 Setting up a Committee Setting up a committee with Small Hands’ parents and preparation for Primary school, searching for location
2005 November Interview for Primary School Teachers Teachers interviews are completed in six months and three stages: 1-Telephone interviews, 2-Successful candidates meet the school founder, 3-Successful candidates meet with jury.
2006 January / Searching for the name ÜTOPYA is embraced as a name of the school and naming the school: ÜTOPYA PRIVATE PRIMARY SCHOOL
2006 September, starting Primary School teacher training During the course of ten months, one or two days of the weekends, once every three weeks, the successful candidates and Small Hands Steering Committee is trained by International professionals to be able to learn different approaches and techniques around the world
2006 November / Third International Small Hands Congress “Quality education is a child right” congress which philosophy with children and thinking topic is viewed
2006 December School location is decided as Çekmeköy and additional buildings have started
2007 February First Ütopya Private Primary School Introduction meeting
2007 June Open Day
2007 August By receiving T.C. MEB licence becoming a Primary School
2007 September Opening Ütopya Private Primary School pre-school, first and second grade
2008 September / Ütopya’s acceptance in European Union Comenius Project Accepting a project called “Networking Minds” with the participation of the 1st., 2nd., 3rd. Grades, Italy, Sweden, England, Malta and Turkey, 6 schools from 5 countries
2008 November / Fourth International Small Hands and Ütopya Congress Fourth “Early learning and quality primary education is a child’s right” Congress and EU project partner Istanbul meeting which viewed the different countries education systems and underlined the mother tongue’s development’s effect on every field
2009 September

Starting Primary School, Grade 4.

2010 September Starting Primary School, Grade 5.
2011 September Acceptance of "Vital Expression in Art Through Water and Landscape” projects which was Ütopya’s second European Union Comenius Project, also joined by Spain, French, Lithuania and England.
2011 November / Fifth International Small Hands and Ütopya Congress The life of 21st century’s children, their needs and meeting these needs.
2012 September Starting Primary 7th Grade and Exam Preparation (By student’s request)
2013 September Starting Primary 8th Grade and Exam Preparations (By student’s request)
2013 Starting from January, preparations for the Sixth International Small Hands and Ütopya Congress which will be hold in November
2014 First graduates of Ütopya Private Primary School