Our Academic Team

Our academic team at Ütopya consists of classroom teachers, subject teachers, foreign language teachers and coordinators.

During grade one to grade five, every year a different classroom teacher takes charge and with visual arts, music, sports and Ütopya’s unique optional studies programs such as science, soroban, chess etc., the teachers are all different.

During grade six to grade eight every lesson is given by subject teachers.

The exam commission established at Ütopya, comprises grade four and five classroom teachers as well as science, maths, Turkish and social studies subject teachers.

Our foreign language teachers are native speakers.

Their point of view of our children;
  • Genuinely likes children, take an interest in them individually, value observation and assessment and put them into practice periodically with earnest, to know how to encourage them in every situation.
  • Knowing how to give them a hand rather than to criticize in order to continue their achievements.
  • Value the communication with the family to achieve healthy progress.
Their personal attributes;
Having a wide horizon, loving, humanist, cultured, researcher, friendly, good in social interactions and communication, a good role model for our children.

They are such individuals, whose knowledge and ability backgrounds are very strong in their field, adapted to Ütopya’s vision and philosophy, believing in team work and constant education, having a creative and inquisitive point of view, very hard working.