Healty Eating and Five a Day Campaign


“5 A DAY” Campaign:
With this campaign, our children have to eat 5 pieces of fruits or vegetables during the course of the day at home or at school.
We are following the standards of  “Healthy School” program which has been attempted to be put into practice in UK.

Our lunch and snacks are prepared in our school kitchen. Ingredients, fruit and vegetables are bought from the market, meat purchased from the butcher daily. Snacks and lunch are prepared in the school kitchen. Ingredients; fruit and vegetables are bought fresh from the market and meat is bought from the butcher daily.
Fresh butcher meat (not frozen)

8.30 Milk (Monday morning breakfast with butter and jam which is made by each classroom in turns)
10.00 Fruit
12.15 Lunch (prepared fresh at school)
14.45 Milk with sandwich or cookies
Only on Fridays Homemade bread (baked in the oven built in 2010/2011 by each classroom working on it by taking turns) and chocolate spread
***We are extremely conscious of our children with allergies.